[ad_1] Vegetarian lunch recipes for rainy day

Vegetarian lunch recipes for rainy day

Sep 15, 2023 | ET Online


A bowl of this soupy noodles dish is like a warm hug on rainy day and does not even require much time to make. You can add in your choice of veggies.

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The classic Indian dish for when it rains, khichdi can be a true comfort food when its raining outside. You can also customise it by adding what you like.

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Grilled cheese sandwich

If you don't want your lunch to be too heavy, grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect option for you. This no-fuss food will be ready in 10 minutes.

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Hakka noodles

Do you crave for Chinese when it rains? Make your own hakka noodles and add in whatever vegetables you like.

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Mac and cheese

If you are feeling fancy, a one-pot mac n cheese will be the best option for you as it is classy but cozy and fills your stomach with warmth.

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Idli sambar

Sambar can be paired with any Indian dish, but a rainy weather calls for idli. The piping hot sambar is sure to melt your heart.

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Creamy cauliflower soup

Want to make your meal light? Make this creamy cauliflower soup, which will feel like a warm hug on a rainy day.

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Rajma chawal

Rajma chawal can never go wrong and having it for lunch when it rains outside is a different feeling altogether.

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