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Vegetarian diet tips to help with weight loss

Sep 11, 2023

By: ET Online

Veggies for weight loss

While a vegetarian diet may have some barriers in weight loss, including less protein intake, it is not totally impossible to lose weight while just eating veggies.

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Hacks to help

Here are some hacks to help you lose weight on a vegetarian diet.

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Eat high-fibre veggies

Choosing vegetables loaded with fibres - such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, leafy greens, and mushrooms - will help you stay full and keep away hunger pangs to lose weight.

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Have proteins

Have plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, seeds, lentils, soy and dairy and incorporate them in every meal and snack.

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Watch your portion

While eating nuts, seeds, and healthy fats, make sure to pair them with low-calorie foods so that your calorie intake remains balanced.

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Include complex carbs

Include fullness-boosting foods like whole grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, and legumes while on a weight loss diet.

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Eat whole foods

Whole foods such as fruits and vegetables should be included in a vegetarian weight loss diet to eliminate any unnecessary requirements.

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Avoid processed food

Do not eat processed foods as they contain excess salt and added sugar, which are not beneficial for a weight loss diet.

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