[ad_1] Octopus, Sea Urchin, Larvae: Animals that are eaten alive by humans
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Octopus, Sea Urchin, Larvae: Animals that are eaten alive by humans

Aug 28, 2023

​Animals eaten alive​

Eating live animals is not an unusual practice in many places of the world. Let's check out the list:

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In Seoul, South Korea, 'sannakji' is a dish where a live octopus is cut into small pieces and served with its tentacles still squirming, sucking, and grasping on the plate.

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​Sea Urchin​

They may not look too appetizing given their spiny exteriors, but they are prized around the world for their fishy-flavored roe and flesh.

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In Japan, 'ikizukuri' is known as the preparation of sashimi from living fish and is considered a delicacy for being the freshest meat possible. In China, another dish involving live fish is popular, known as the 'yin yang fish.'

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Found widely across the world, oysters are commonly eaten raw, but what many do not know, still living.

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​Chilled Ants​

The widely renowned Danish restaurant, Noma, has used live ants in many of its famous dishes.

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'Drunken shrimp' is a popular dish in some regions of China where living shrimp are served in a bowl, still jumping around.

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A dish that originated in Japan, 'frog sashimi', most of the frog is served dead (and raw), but the meal begins by eating the frog's fresh, still-beating heart.

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Many larvae, the immature forms of insects, are safe for consumption, though not always alive or even raw.

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