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Best houseplants that grow fast

Jade Plant

Many succulents take months to grow, but jade plant is not among them. This cute little plant can grow super quick and looks really beautiful.

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Pothos or money plant is easy to grow and its vines strech really long in a matter of days.

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Dumb Cane

The large foliage of dumb cane elevates your room to a new level, and grows around 5-6 feet tall faster than average plants.

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Plants from the ficus species, including rubber tree and fiddle leaf fig, are fast-growers and add an accent to your living room.

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Velvet Plant

The distinct feature of this plant are its soft, velvety leaves. While it is a bit tricky to water velvet plants, they grow as fast as possible.

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Snake Plant

Snake plants thrive in any condition, even without water and light for several days, and yet grow fast enough to change your pots regularly.

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Peace Lily

One of the most beautiful houseplants, peace lily with its dark green leaves and contrasting white flowers grows to around 2 feet tall without any care.

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Cordyline plants have long leaves in various colours including white, orange, purple, and pink, and will grow tall in your home.

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