[ad_1] Best coffee recipes for a morning boost

Best coffee recipes for a morning boost

Aug 25, 2023 | ET Online


Probably the strongest coffee you can have in the morning, espresso is really about roasting the beans to perfection. A shot of it will help you get through the day.

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Macchiato is two shots of espresso and one shot of milk, combined in a way that the espresso taste still shines through. Drink this for an instant boost.

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Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee types that consists one shot of espresso, a shot of steamed milk, and then a layer of frothed, foamy milk.

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Café Americano

Americano is essentially black coffee, which combines one shot of espresso and a layer of hot water. You can make it iced as per your choice.

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If you are not into super strong coffee, café mocha is the way to go for you. It is coffee with a layer of chocolate syrup, and feels like a warm hug in the mornings.

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Cold brew

Coffee brewed in the refrigerator, cold brew can be enjoyed as is or can be combined with milk or cream. It really energises you on a hot morning.

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Dalgona coffee

If you have survived the lockdown, you probably know about dalgona coffee. It is strong and essentially just coffee, sugar and water. You can change the strength as per your liking.

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Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee, traditionally, is a whole ritual. This variety is a strong brew served with the grounds in the cup and will wake you up in an instant.

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