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Sep 3, 2023

10 national fruits of 10 countries and their benefits

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India: Mango

Benefits: Prevents diabetes, rich in antioxidants, supports heart health, improves digestive system and vision, may help lower cancer risk.

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US: American Blueberry

Benefits: Protects against heart disease and cancer, helps maintain bone strength, mental health, and healthful blood pressure.

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UK: Apple

Benefits: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, stabilises blood sugar, eases inflammation, reduces hunger pangs and improves gut and brain health.

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China: Fuzzy Kiwifruit

Benefits: Contains nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids, improves sleep quality, boosts gut health, enhances metabolism and benefits the skin.

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Australia: Riberry

Benefits: Rich is folate, manganese and calcium, improves cognitive function and protects against certain cancers, heart and Alzheimer's diseases.

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Thailand: Mangosteen

Benefits: Contains antioxidants, prevents inflammation, promotes weight loss, controls diabetes, boosts immunity and is good for skin.

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Japan: Persimmons

Benefits: Boosts heart health, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, reduces inflammation, helps with weight loss, and supports healthy vision.

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Sri Lanka, Bangladesh: Jackfruit

Benefits: Can help lower your blood pressure, which can help stave off heart disease, stroke, and bone loss. Also benefits the skin with vitamin C.

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UAE: Dates

Benefits: Supports weight loss, rich in nutrients, aids healthy bowel movements, promotes bone health, protects kidney, and improves skin among others.

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Denmark: Strawberry

Benefits: Loaded with antioxidants, low in calories, protects the heart, can manage side effects of type-2 diabetes, and helps in weight loss.

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